Estacionamento de Windsor Hills

Windsor Hills parking rules only allows for two cars to park in a private home’s driveway. Parking is not allowed on any of the resort roads, pavements, side walks or grass areas.

If you have more than two cars in your group (up to 5 are allowed per reservation) then the extra cars will need to park either at the recreation area or at the clubhouse.

Luckily, Villa By The Castle is close to both parking lots. The recreation area is about a 5 minute walk from the house and the clubhouse is a 3 minute walk from the house.

Below are directions to both of the Windsor Hills parking parking lots from Villa By The Castle. There are also links to directions on Google maps which would give you turn by turn directions on your phone. 🙂


Where Is The Windsor Hills Parking Lot At The Clubhouse


Estacionamento do clube é sobre quando você primeiro dirigir da entrada principal do resort. Para chegar ao estacionamento do clube da villa vire à direita quando sair pela porta da frente, Vire à esquerda quando você chega ao final do bloco, andar pela calçada ao longo do lago e o primeiro edifício à esquerda é a sede do clube.

Google Mapas direções de Villa pelo castelo de Windsor Hills estacionamento na sede do clube


Where Is The Windsor Hills Parking Lot At The Recreation Area


Para conseguir o Windsor Hills recreation area parking lot from the villa, Vire à esquerda quando sair pela porta da frente e continue andando até você chegar à rua de Comrow e vire à direita na rua Comrow.

A entrada para o Área de recreação de Windsor Hills é a primeira rua à sua esquerda em baixo.

Google Maps Directions From Villa By The Castle To The Windsor Hills Recreation Area Parking Lot

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