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Villa By The Castle Pool Games

We want to make sure you have a blast during your stay so we’ve added several pool games. We have not seen any other Orlando vacation rental homes offer anything like it, it’s just one of the things we do that sets our house apart from the others. The pool games are loads of fun for kids and adults alike!

All the pool games can be found in the brown chest on the pool deck.

When no longer using the games please put them back in the brown chest.

Do not leave children unattended while playing any of the pool games. Always use only under competent adult supervision.

Pool Side Basketball Hoop

The pool side basketball hoop is fun at any age the hoop can be moved around the pool depending at what depth the players feel comfortable playing in.

Please do not dunk or hang on to the hoop, it’s made of plastic and may break or fall on top of you if you hang on the hoop.

The ball for the hoop can be found in the brown chest located on the pool deck.

Pool Games - Pool Side Basketball Hoop

Pool Tic Tac Toe

Pool Games - Pool Tic Tac Toe

The pool Tic Tac Toe game can be found in the brown chest on the pool deck. Just place the tic tac toe grid in the water and start playing. The X’s and O’s on the balls always float face up so it’s easy to see who’s winning.

It may seem easy, but it’s a lot more challenging than you would think. Unless you get them in just right the balls will bounce off the tic tac toe grid.

You can play tic tac toe from the pool or from the pool deck. No matter which you choose you’ll have a fun challenging time.

Ages: This game is for ages 7 and up.

Bubba The Bottom Feeder

Bubba the bottom feeder is a unique underwater pool game that may be played in the shallow or deep end of the pool, depending on the player’s ability.

How To Play: Lay Bubba the fish on the bottom of the pool with his mouth open. Each player take turns “feeding” an orange fish to bubba.

If your orange fish makes Bubba rise to the surface of the pool, you Win!

Each orange fish is weighed differently, so no game is ever the same.

Ages: For Ages 5 and up


Pool Games - Bubba The Bottom Feeder

Swim Thru Rings

Pool Games - Swim Thru Rings

The swim thru rings are a fun challenge for kids, they float under the water with the air chamber on the top. You can adjust the depth the rings float at by inflating or deflating the air chamber on the top of the ring.

Ages: For ages 8 and over

Pool Games - Diving Loops Air Chamber

Dive Discs

The Dive Discs are a fun challenge for children that know how to swim well.

Throw Dive Discs into the pool and they drift their way to the bottom. Dive and catch them before they land or get them off the bottom.

This game is intended only for children that can swim well and should only be used under the supervision of an experienced swimmer.

Pool Games - Dive Discs

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