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Windsor Hills Basketball

If you are interested in shooting a few hoops or having a friendly game of basketball then you can head over to the Windsor Hills Recreation Area. There you’ll find the Windsor Hills basketball courts which has 3 half court basketball courts.

Windsor Hills basketball court is located in the recreational area of Windsor Hills. The recreational area is pretty close to the Villa. It’s only about a 7 minute walk from the villa to the recreation area.

Chances are you probably didn’t pack a basketball for your trip. Well don’t worry about it, you can rent a basketball from the Windsor Hills welcome center for FREE.

Note: You can rent a basketball from the welcome center for FREE. All you need to provide them is a refundable cash deposit of $10 for a 3 hour rental.
Windsor Hills Basketball Court - The Net
Windsor Hills Basketball Courts

Windsor Hills Basketball Courts Hours

The basketball court hours of operation are from 8am to 10pm daily. The basketball courts are lit in the evenings so you can still play even after the sun has set.

Windsor Hills Basketball

Where Is The Windsor Hills Basketball Court

Directions From Villa By The Castle To The Windsor Hills Basketball Courts

The Windsor Hills basketball court is located in the recreation area. To get to the basketball court from the villa make a left when coming out the front door and keep walking until you get to Comrow Street and make a right on Comrow Street.

The entrance to the recreation area is down the first road you see on your left. The street is a little tricky to spot because it almost looks like a driveway. The basketball court is located behind the putting green and next to the tennis courts and volleyball court.

Google Maps Directions from Villa By The Castle To The Basketball Courts

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