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Windsor Hills Water Park

The long awaited Windsor Hills Water Park is now open!!

Opened in Spring 2018 this is the latest addition to the Servicios de Windsor Hills. With dueling water slides, an interactive kid’s splash zone with 2 slides, a huge water wheel, water cannons and sprays the new water park is fun for all ages!

La nueva Complejo en Windsor Hills water park is right next to the club house pool. What’s great is the original water slide is still by the clubhouse pool. So you’ll have your choice of water slides.


Nota: Usted necesitará un código de acceso de código de 6 dígitos para entrar en la zona de la piscina. Usted puede encontrar su código de acceso en el comprobante de que los guardias de seguridad le dio cuando escribiste primero Windsor Hills.
Windsor Hills Water Park - Dueling slides and splash zone
Windsor Hills Water Park - Dueling slides and splash zone
To use the dueling water slides riders need to be at least 42in height.

The Dueling Water Slides

The water park had two huge dueling water slides each with a different riding experience. The water slides are each 23 feet of spiraling sliding fun.

Find out which water slide is faster, will it be big blue or the green monster? 🙂

Windsor Hills Water Park - Dueling Water Slides
Windsor Hills Water Park - Splash Zone
Windsor Hills Water Park - Slash Zone

The Splash Zone

Water, Water, WaterEverywhere!!

Next to the dueling water slides you’ll find the splash zone. That’s where the little ones in your group can go to have an absolute blast here!!!

Complete with a huge water wheel two water slides, flower sprays and water cannons they are guaranteed to get soaked and to keep cool. 🙂

Windsor Hills Water Park - Slash Zone

Windsor Hills Water Park Hours

The water park has separate hours of operation from the pool itself.


Hours vary based on the time of year, to find out what they will be during your stay in Windsor Hills please contact the Windsor Hills Welcome Center at + 1 (407) 787-4255.

Windsor Hills Resort New Water Park - Dueling Water Slides
Directions To The New Windsor Hills Water Park

Where Is The Windsor Hills Water Park

The Water Park is located by the club house which is on your right when you first drive in from the resort’s main entrance.

Cómo llegar desde la Villa por el castillo

To get to the water park from your Disney vacation rental:

  • Gire a la derecha al entrar por la puerta principal y gire a la izquierda al llegar al final del bloque
  • Seguir por la acera a lo largo del lago y el primer edificio a la izquierda será la sede del Club.
  • The pool and spa are located through the center of the clubhouse and the water park is to the right of that.

Google Maps Directions From Villa By The Castle To The Windsor Hills Water Park

Next to the water park you’ll also find the pool, the original water slide, hot tub, Centro de fitness, mesa de ping pong tablas, tienda diversa, Centro de bienvenida, sala de juegos, Cyber café business center y cine teatro.

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