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Villa By The Castle’s Pool Spa And Lanai

Villa By The Castle has a great outdoor space, perfect for relaxing and soaking in the Florida sun!

Typically this is where you’ll spend most of your time, so we made sure to put a lot of attention to what was provided here.

The back of the house faces a green space with two large trees in the center. Sitting in the lanai or pool while looking out into the green space has a great feel.

The entire lanai and pool deck are enclosed in a pool enclosure, keeping out a lot of the pesky Florida critters and bugs.

We also added privacy bushes around the entire enclosure. The bushes add privacy when you’re in the pool as well as extra greener, which we liked. 🙂

Private Saline Pool Lanai Lounge Chair Outdoor Seating 6 Bedroom Windsor Hills Vacation Rental By Owner In Florida
private salt pool spa lanai lounge chair pool fence windsor hills vacation rental

Le Lanai

Le lanai a des sièges pour 8 à la table à manger en plein air, un ventilateur de plafond et est un endroit idéal pour s’asseoir à l’ombre.

La piscine

La piscine vient d’être refinis et nous avons ajouté mignons petites tortues au fond de la piscine.

La piscine a également été convertie en (un système d’eau salée) ce qui est beaucoup mieux pour la santé de tous, en particulier les petits.

C’est une piscine orientée sud-ouest, vous aurez le soleil sur la piscine à partir de 11h et avoir le soleil jusqu’à environ 19 heures.

La piscine est chauffée toute l’année, et nous l’avons généralement mis autour de 88 degrés.

Contrairement à d’autres Windsor Hills locations de vacances, here there is no charge extra for pool heat and you can set the pool temperature to whatever temperature you feel comfortable with.

Private Saline Pool Spa Lanai Lounge Chairs Pool side basketball hoop Luxury 6 Bedroom Windsor Hills Vacation Rental By Owner In Florida
6 Bedroom Windsor Hills Vacation Rental By Owner Private Saline Pool Spa  Turtle Figurines In The Pool

The pool is 3 feet deep on the shallow end and 5 feet deep on the deep end. Although the actual depth varies, depending on how full it is.

Villa by the Castle is one of the only vacation rentals in Windsor Hills with a salt water pool.


Le Spa

The spa is an extension of the pool with an over flow feature that creates a small water fall from the spa into the pool.

The hot tub spa had 4 jets and can seat 46 people comfortably. The timer for the spa is on the wall on your right as you walk out of the sliding doors onto the pool deck.

Similar to the pool we don’t limit the heat on the pool/spa equipment so you can set the temperature to whatever you feel comfortable with, typically the temperature is set to 104 degrees.

Hot Tub - The Spa is a great place to relax - Villa By The Castle - One of the Top Rated Windsor Hills Rentals By Owner
Private Saline Pool Spa Lanai Lounge Privacy Bushes Chair Luxury 6 Bedroom Kissimmee Vacation Rental By Owner In Florida

The Lounge Chairs

The lounge chairs were recently replaced to higher-end chairs that have padding build into the chair.

There are 4 lounge chairs and two small tables where you can put your drink or snacks while you lounge.

Pool Toys

There are a bunch of floaties, goggles and pool toys in the deck box to the right of the sliding doors when you walk onto the pool deck.

There’s also a poolside basket ball hoop which is always fun to play with the kids.

Villa By The Castle - Giant Connect Four Game - Luxury Windsor Hills Vacation Rental By Owner
Private Saline Pool Spa With Pool Side Basketball Hoop - 6 Bedroom Luxury Kissimmee Vacation Rental By Owner

In the pool area you will also find a fun, giant 4 foot connect four game.

private salt pool spa lanai lounge chair pool fence windsor hills vacation rental

Pool Fence

To make sure the little ones can only go into the pool when they are supposed to we’ve installed a new pool security fence.

In case you’re wondering, we do not have a door sensor on the sliding door.

We’ve had many guests ask about it in the past, not because they wanted it but because they did NOT want it.

They found it annoying, which we can understand and agree with. So we never installed one. We find the security fence to be the perfect way to not annoy everyone all while keeping the little ones safe.


You’ll have a 5 burner gas grill BBQ that you’ll be able to use during your stay.

Unlike most houses in Windsor Hills, we don’t charge any additional cost for the use of the barbecue.

In fact we also provide propane free of charge! 🙂

The BBQ to a new 5 burner grill, the picture still needs to be updated. 🙂

The 4 Burner BBQ Grill - Free To Use During Your Stay At This Windsor Hills Luxury Villa Rental By Owner

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