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Troubleshooting The TVs

All the Vizio remotes in the house (except the living room in the front of the house) are universal remotes that are paired with a specific TV.

When using the remote make sure that the name on the remote matches the room you are in.

If you are using the right remote for the corresponding room and things aren’t working the way they should below are the steps you can do to fix the problem.

You can also just let us know and we’ll have our handyman stop by and take care of the TV for you.

Make sure the TV is on the correct input

To watch TV make sure the input source is set to Cable, the one that has the little cable box icon next to it. If the icon is the HDMI connector shape then the cable box probably needs to be unpaired and repaired with the remote.

To change the Input press the small Input button on the upper left of the remote and use the up and down arrows on the remote to change the input selection.

Turn On The Cable Box

The cable box in all the bedrooms and the living room in the front of the house are small, about the size of a big deck of cards.

When the cable box is on there’s a green light in the front of it. If the light is red or not on at all then it will need to be turned on. To Turn on the cable box click the little power button right next to the input button on the upper left of the remote control.

Change The Remote Batteries

If the correct input is selected, the icon for the input is not an HDMI icon, the power indicator on the cable box is green and you still can’t change the channels on the cable box then 98% of the time changing the batteries in the remote will do the trick. You can find spare batteries in upper left drawer of the buffet table in the dining room.

If that didn’t work then Repair the Remote To The TV

To Repair the remote to the TV you’ll need to unpair the remote and repair it.

First – Unpair the Remote

To unpair the remote click the Vizio button on the remote and navigate to the HDTV Settings icon on the bottom menu on the TV screen. Then press the OK button on the remote.

Now Select the Devices option on the TV Menu and press Ok on the remote

Then select Remote from the TV Menu and press OK on the remote

Now Select Unpair and press Ok on the remote

Second – Pair the Remote

Now you can re-pair the remote to the TV. On the Devices menu select Add Remote and click OK on the remote.

Once on the Add Remote menu press the record and green buttons on the remote at the same time until the backlight on the remote turns off – then select Pair Remote on the TV menu and press OK on the remote.


That’s It

At this point, the remote should once again be able to control the TV and the cable box. If not, please let us know and we’ll have our handyman take a look.

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