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The Baby Gate

During your stay at our Windsor Hills vacation rental you’ll have several items for the littlest members of your group FREE for your use.

That way you won’t need to spend more money renting baby equipment for your stay.

One of the many baby items we have available for your stay is a baby gate.

The baby gate can be found in the second floor queen bedroom (the green room) closet. The baby gate works with pressure and can be used in any doorway, for additional safety we have the baby gate hinges and stops installed at the top of the stairs.

If the baby gate is used at the top of the stairs then the hinge and stops need to be used to ensure the baby gate is safely secured.


Safety First Baby Gate Manual

Safety First Baby Gate Manual

Villa By The Castle - Windsor Hills vacation rental - Baby Gate

Installing The Baby Gate

The baby gate can be installed in any doorway or at the bottom of the steps using the pressure mechanisms of the baby gate.

Note: When the baby gate is used at the top of the stairs it needs to be installed using the hinges and stopper found on the walls at the top of the stairs.

The hinges are on the left wall when facing down the stairs, to get baby gate into the hinges the rubber stops need to be slipped into the hinges from the top. The baby gate needs to be inserted into both the top and bottom hinges at the same time.

Once the baby gate is installed correctly you should be able to swing the baby gate outward away from the steps.
The Baby Gate Hinge Located At The Top Of The Stairs
Baby Gate Latch With Gate

Opening And Closing The Baby Gate

The baby gate uses pressure and a the large handle on the top serves as a locking mechanism.

When the handle is up it’s in the unlocked position, to close the baby gate extend the two halves of the baby gate so the baby gate touches both sides of the space.

When the handle is in the down position it’s locked, to open the baby gate push the button on the top of the handle up a little and pull the handle up.

Once the handle is in the open position you can release the pressure on the gates by pressing the big grey button located next to the handle.

Baby Gate Opening

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