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iFly Orlando – Indoor Skydiving

iFly Orlando Indoor Skydiving

iFly Orlando – The kids made us do it!

Most of us dream about Skydiving but chicken out at the thought of leaping out of an airplane mid-air. Who can blame you? For those who still want to experience the feeling of floating in the air without jumping out of a plane, you can go to iFly Orlando Indoor Skydiving. The kids jumped at the idea, and so we followed.

Go on-line and make your reservation

We made our reservations on-line then headed for our indoor skydiving experience. 

Parking was easily available.  We checked-in, and then the front desk scheduled us for the orientation.

iFLY Orlando Contact Info

8969 International Drive
Orlando, FL 32819
(407) 337-4359


Let the games begin…

Everyone was ushered into a conference room where we watched an instructional video. Then, the instructor went over the proper way to position your body in the wind tunnel and all the do’s and don’ts. Once were were ready we marched out and put on our flight suits, protective goggles, and the helmet.

Quick Tip: If you have long hair, put your hair in a ponytail. The wind tunnel effect makes your hair move in every direction imaginable. Also, remove all jewelry.

There were plenty of sweaty palms

Once we were in our full gear, there were a few sweaty palms in the group. It was very exciting!.

We were then directed to our designated wind tunnel and sat in the seating area around it. 

The moment of truth

One by one, the instructor called us into the entry portal.  As you walked into the clear glass tunnel, it was extremely windy and loud. Thank goodness for the ear plugs.

As you’re sucked in and of course guided by your instructor, the hand signals we learned came in pretty handy. 🙂

iFly Orlando – An Amazing free floating flying experience!

Once you’re in the wind tunnel, the instructor takes over and makes sure you’re stable. After that, you float in the air and enjoy the experience. While in mid-flight, the photographer will signal you to smile at the camera. To be honest, the wind tunnel effect is so strong that you’ll look like you’re getting a face lift in that picture – not very flattering. Only the kids’ pictures looked good.

The Grand Finale!

Totally optional!  You can float all the way to the top and come back down, which was awesome.  In the end, the instructor went solo into the wind tunnel and showed off his skydiving skills. It was impressive.  Most of the instructors, also sky dive, so this is a piece of cake for them. 

Don’t forget your pictures & video

Before we left, they provided us a link where we can view our pictures and video on-line.  

While we were busy getting our information, we had to pull one of the kids from trying to get back into a wind tunnel with another group. They just couldn’t get enough. 

iFly Orlando – More to do….

Next time we’re at iFly Orlando, we’ll try the VR experience – 13,000 FT virtual free fall!


iFly Orlando Indoor Skydiving Fun
WonderWorks Orlando - Upside Down Building

Since iFly Orlando is in the heart of International Drive (iDrive) there is a lot to do around it.

The WonderWorks Museum was right next door… that is where we headed next. 


WonderWorks here we come…..

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