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The Jogging Stroller

During your stay at Villa By The Castle you’ll have a a jogging stroller that you can use for Free during your stay. Most vacation rental charge extra for baby gear but when you stay at Villa By the Castle you’ll have a lot of baby gear that you can use for free during your stay.

The folded jogging stroller can be found in the laundry room closet. If you need to adjust the straps on the stroller please refer to the stroller’s manual below. Here is the jogging stroller manual if you need one for reference.

Graco FastAction Fold Jogger Stroller Manual

Graco FastAction Fold Jogger Stroller Manual

Jogging Stroller Closed

To Open The Stroller

Open The jogging stroller

To open the stroller push down where the red strap is while also pulling up gently from the stroller’s handle bar.

Tthe stroller will open up ready for your use.

The Opened Jogging Stroller

How To Close The Stroller

To close the stroller pull up on the red loop strap located in the seat while also pressing down on the stroller handle bar.

The stroller will collapse and be ready for storage.

jogging stroller pull strap to close

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