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The Villa By The Castle Barbecue Grill

The villa has a stainless steal 4 burner gas grill that is free for your use during your stay with us.

The grill is located to the right of the sliding glass doors as you walk out onto the lanai.

The propane is also free during your stay at Villa By The Castle.

Most Orlando vacation rentals either have a BBQ and charge you extra to use it or they don’t provide one and you’d have to rent one from the management company.

We feel a BBQ adds a lot to the flexibility and experience of choosing a vacation rental so it’s important that one is provided and included at no extra charge.


Villa By The Castle - The 4 Burner BBQ Grill - Free To Use During Your Stay At This Windsor Hills Luxury Villa Rental By Owner

Turning On The BBQ

BBQ Control Knobs
To Light the BBQ

  1. Make sure the control knows are in the “OFF” position
  2. Open the grill’s hood
  3. Open the propane tank’s gas valve
  4. Light each burner separately. Turning on two burners at once could trip the flow limiting device in the tank connection.
  5. Push and turn the burner control knob to the “HIGH” position and immediately press and hold the electronic igniter. The electronic igniter is the black button on the lower left of the BBQ’s front panel.
  6. If the burner doesn’t ignite within 5 seconds, immediately turn the control knob back to the “OFF” position. Wait 5 minutes and repeat step 5 two or three times.
  7. If the burner still doesn’t ignite, TURN OFF THE GAS. WAIT 5 MINUTES for excess gas to dissipate.
  8. If the burner still can’t be lit, refer to the troubleshooting tips below.

Troubleshooting Tips

Is the tank empty?

If the grill doesn’t turn on it’s very possible that there isn’t any more gas in the tank. To gauge the amount of propane fuel in your gas tank, the grill must be in operation. Place your hand at the top of the tank and slowly move down the side until the tank feels cool to the touch. This will indicate the approximate amount of propane gas in your tank; if 3/4 empty, refill.


You can hear the gas but the grill doesn’t turn on

If you don’t here the tic -tic -tic sound when pressing the igniter button (the black button on the lower left of the front panel) the battery it uses may be dead.

To replace the battery unscrew the igniter button and insert a AA battery with the positive (+) end pointing outward.


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