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The Benefits Of Renting A Vacation Home Instead Of A Hotel


A Vacation Rental Is Less Expensive

Renting a vacation home instead of a hotel comes with many perks, even more so when the house you rent is part of a vacation resort community like Windsor Hills

When you compare the costs of a hotel to a vacation rental home you get A Lot More value from a vacation home. You save even more when you consider how many rooms you’d need to get for larger families or multiple families getting together.

Ordering room service and dining at hotel restaurants can be pricey and limiting. Vacation homes offer kitchens and the freedom to cook your own meals. Don’t want to cook? You still have the option of going out to eat or if you want to treat yourselves, our management company also offers the service of private chefs.

Possibly the biggest budget saver of all is the fully equipped kitchen. Here you and your family won’t need to run out to the restaurants for each and every meal.

You’ll also be able to keep a fridge and cabinets full of snacks, and have your favorite coffee and any other drinks you’d like at a moment’s notice. Better yet, your own kitchen can be a lifesaver if anyone in your family has special dietary needs.

You Have A Lot More Space

In a hotel you and your family or friends you would all be spread out among several rooms, possibly even on different sides of the building. Meaning someone needs to be the organizer and get everyone together for meals and outings. Here, having everyone under one roof lets you all stay together, and makes organizing meals and family events go a lot smoother.

The Villa has 6 bedrooms and two indoor seating areas and one outdoor seating area, giving you and your family plenty of space to spread out, relax and enjoy each others company. If you need a little personal space or time to yourself each of the bedrooms has a TV with internet apps and a blue-ray player so you can have all the quiet time you need.

You’ll also have many comfortable places to hang out as a group — the living room, around a dining table, watching a movie in the Family room, or hanging out under the covered lanai by your own private heated in-ground pool and spa. There are many places for everyone to sit, relax and catch up.

The shared, private spaces make family vacations much more intimate and memorable.  It’s an experience you really could never get from a hotel.

The villa is the largest floor plan in Windsor Hills, making it ideal for accommodating a reunion of both family and friends.

You Have A Lot More Privacy

Renting a vacation rental home brings vacationing to a whole other level. No more knocks from housekeeping or noisy neighbors sharing a wall. You have A LOT more privacy and tranquility in a vacation home. In a hotel the only way you can get your group together is by either cramming everyone into one room or everyone getting together in a common area shared with the rest of the hotel guests.

Nothing beats being able to have the entire group spending time together all under one roof. Whether everyone is hanging out by your private pool, hanging out in the great room watching a movie, enjoying a relaxing meal together under the covered lanai or at the dinner table. You are sure to have one of the best and most memorable vacations ever when you stay at the villa.

Family vacations used to include kids bickering over who got which side of the bed and what to watch on the only TV in the hotel room. In the Villa there’s a TV in every bedroom so there’s no shortage of TVs. In fact each kid could have their own bedroom!

Mom and Dad will definitely get their own room – Privacy at last!

Many Many More Amenities

Not only do you have lots of amenities that a hotel would never be able to offer but you also have complete access to all the amenities of the Windsor Hills community. It’s like having the best of both worlds.

Your Own Kitchen

The Villa has a large kitchen with every major appliance you would expect and a few treats you wouldn’t expect. Some of those treats include a waffle maker, popcorn maker, rice cooker/steamer and a hot dog cooker.

Villa By The Castle is a Top Rated 6 bedroom Kissimmee Vacation Rental Home With A Large Kitchen
Villa By The Castle is a 6 bedroom Luxury Kissimmee Vacation Rental By Owner In Florida With A Private Saline Pool and Hot Tub

Your Own Pool and Spa

When looking for a place to stay, definitely consider a vacation home rental with a private pool.

It’s great to have a pool that you can use during your vacation but it’s even better when it’s your own private pool and spa.

You can enjoy your pool as many times as you want and at any time of the day you’d like (the pool and spa also light up so you can swim at night).

Your Own Laundry Room

In order to make your stay in the Villa as pleasant as possible we wanted to make sure your vacation wasn’t spent constantly doing laundry. The Villa has a brand new extra capacity washer and dryer giving you the ability to do all your laundry in fewer loads!

Villa By The Castle is a Top Rated Kissimmee Vacation Rental Home With A Separate Laundry Room And Huge Washer and Dryer
The Game Room with pool table air hockey foosball and electronic darts in this Top Rated 6 bedroom Luxury Kissimmee Vacation Rental By Owner Home

Your Own Game Room

Now not all vacation rentals have this but in Villa By The Castle, you also have your own game room. It’s a great way to connect with family and friends without having to go out for entertainment. Villa By The Castle has a pool table, foosball, air hockey, a dartboard and a small putting green.

Being able to play a game whenever you feel like it is one of the many perks that set renting a home apart from just renting a hotel room.

Your Own BBQ Grill

Nothing says vacation more than grilling with family and friends. Again, not all vacation homes have this but at Villa By The Castle we offer the use of the 5 burner BBQ grill and propane free of charge. Many vacation rentals will charge extra for that option, we figured it should be included free with your stay.

If you are staying at a hotel some do have a grill you can use… but you will be eating in a shared outdoor space… and if you time it right the grill will be available and you won’t be sharing your table with other groups.

With this vacation rental home the BBQ is right outside the sliding glass doors, under the covered lanai. You’ll be able to grill whatever and whenever you want. 🙂

This Vacation Rental Home Has A BBQ Grill

Why Is Renting A Vacation Home Better Than A Hotel?

There are quite a few reasons but the top two in my book are cost and flexibility.

Renting a vacation home in a resort community like Windsor Hills gives you the amenities that a hotel would along with a vacation experience that hotel’s would never be able to match. For less money than you’s spend in hotel rooms for your group you get a much better vacation.

The other thing is flexibility, you can eat when you want go to the pool whenever you want and all without having to leave your vacation rental.

A Fantastic 6 Bedroom Vacation Rental

Find Out More About This Fantastic 6 Bedroom Vacation Rental

Villa By The Castle is a top-rated 6 bedroom vacation rental located in the world renound vacation resort community of Windsor Hills.

During your stay, you’ll be a short 5-minute drive from Walt Disney World.

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