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Shortcut From Windsor Hills To Disney


A shortcut from Windsor Hills to Disney may seem to be a strange topic since Windsor Hills is so incredibly close to the Disney entrance, but depending on what time of day and year you go to Disney you may encounter some traffic.

The secret to getting into Disney while avoiding the traffic is Sherberth Road, by using the Sherberth Road shortcut you will avoid all the regular Disney traffic.

Here is a Google map with directions on getting to Sherberth Road from the Windsor Hills entrance. Google Map For The Shorcut From Windsor Hills To Disney Shortcut

Shortcut From Windsor Hills To Disney

Getting From Windsor Hills To Sherberth Road

Getting from Windsor Hills To Sherberth Road is a breeze:

  • When exiting the main entrance of Windsor Hills make a left onto Old Wilson Road
  • Make another left on Route 192
  • Make a right on Sherberth Road. Use the IHop on your right as a landmark, once you see it Sherberth will be the next road you can make a right on.

Getting From Sherberth To Disney

Once you make the right on to Sherberth Road, here’s how you get to the different Disney Parks:


  • They’ll be a slight left hand bend in the road and after that it’s a straight away for a little over half a mile (~1 km). Remember to slow down at the end of the straight away, you’ll be coming up to a lot of sharp turns.
  • You’ll quickly come to a sharp left hand bend
Shortcut From Windsor Hills To Disney Turn Right Sign
  • Followed by a sharp right hand bend (speed limit 30)
  • Another left hand bend
  • Followed quickly by another sharp right hand bend
  • On that bend, there is a Disney sign on the right (you can’t miss it) saying “All Guest Areas Turn Right”. This is Exactly one mile along Sherberth Road.
  • Make that right-hand turn onto ‘Osceola Parkway’
  • Merge with the other lanes on the left (speed limit 40)
  • Animal Kingdom – Once you’ve merged, make your way into the left lane, for the other parks carry on ahead.
  • All Stars Resort & Blizzard Beach will be the next turn on the right, for other parks keep going straight (Speed Limit 45)
  • MGM Studios, Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Downtown Disney turn left across opposing lane (traffic lights)
  • This turns into a single lane track which then merges with lanes from the left

Here Are Google Maps To Get To And From Windsor Hills And The Disney Parks


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